Top Diagnoses

Rural Health Resources has focused on:

  1. The largest PAYERS in Rural Medicine, and then
  2. The top diagnoses / issues for each of those Payers

There is significant overlap in areas important to both Payers, allowing us to bring a level of focus to just a few methodologies for treatment that can have great impact.

The two largest Payers in Rural America are Medicare and the VA.  Medicare is the driving force behind the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP).  The VA is the largest Healthcare system in the country, and almost 38% of enrolled Veterans live in Rural America.  Medicare is also the largest payer of benefits for the number one medical condition in the country, Mental Health care.

Substance Abuse treatment – specifically administered through SAMHSA – is a critical need everywhere. PTSD is the number one priority for many vets enrolled in the VA.  RHR’s Telemedicine and mHealth tools are ideally suited to providing solutions for Mental Health treatment methodologies targeting these diagnostic groups.

In addition two of the primary HRRP drivers are CHF and New MI event, and two of the top Veterans issues are Hyperlipidemia and Hypertension.  Diabetes issues are also important to both the VA and the HRRP program.  The overlap in these areas – critical to the two largest payers – allow RHR to develop and implement solutions that can significantly “move the needle” in these focused areas.