Rural Health Coop Networks

The fundamental tools needed to create a successful Cooperative Network are essentially:

  • A centrally managed Website to communicate Goals/Objectives/Deliverables to non-Participants.Community-Networks
  • A cloud based central database to keep and manage all of the data regarding all possible participant Organizations, Individuals, Events and even Interactions.
  • Cloud based private discussion forums that allow for honest open discussions regarding areas of concern for those constituents, but organized in such a way that they can be parsed by subject matter (i.e. a section for Elderly vs Disabled vs Hiring vs Training, etc)
  • A Closed collaboration communications tool that can cross company/organizational lines

Communities need to be actively involved, Hospitals can only do so much to prevent Re-admits and provide care for Veterans. Rural Health Resources is eager to assist Communities across the West in their goals of empowering Rural Health Cooperative Networks.