Rural Health Care is facing a crisis in many parts of the country .  Rural Health has always been a challenge – due simply to demography and geography (relatively few people scattered across very large sections of our country).

Recently, multiple simultaneous factors have combined to make a tough scenario even worse… making it harder than ever for Rural HealthCare providers to care for patients – patients with increasingly fewer options.

  • Significant shortage of qualified Rural HealthCare professionals
  • Fragile financial state of Rural Hospitals that are very dependent on Medicare, leading to hospital closures in some areas.
  • Increasing age of many retired Rural citizens

Almost 20% of our people are scattered across 97% of our land

Very few businesses focus first on Rural Markets and then grow into major markets (Walmart is a notable exception).  Businesses tend to focus on where they have the greatest likelihood of encountering as many customers as possible – and patients are customers.  Given THIS map, it is no mystery as to where HealthCare companies put their Marketing and Business Development efforts.