Medical Facilities:

Medical facilities facing HRRP penalties will be able to contract with Rural Health Resources to manage at risk post-discharge patients for a period of 30 days.  By utilizing a combination of:

  • Predictive tools that allow us to ascertain which at risk patients are most likely to respond positively to post-discharge care, and
  • Patient self-management mHealth tools that “nudge” patients towards behavior that is more likely to result in a positive/healthy outcomes, and
  • Patient self reporting tools that will update CareGivers in Real-Time as to Patient vital stats, allowing CareGivers to respond appropriately before conditions spiral to emergency status, and
  • CareGiver tools that enable rural health professionals to project University caliber treatment to remote rural patients

… we are certain that we will be able to positively impact Re-admissions, helping to keep them below thresholds that would trigger penalties.

Expected outcomes:

  1. Identify and manage repeat system users that hurts asset management efficiency
  2. Co manage chronic patients with your hospital ED through mobile integrated health methods
  3. Treat diagnostic specific chronic users out of the hospital setting, quantifying savings to the EMS System and the medical facility
This proactive approach to managing your most at risk patients will not only ensure that your patients are less likely to be transferred to an out of area Level 1 Trauma Center, it will result in deepening patient/family loyalty to your facility as well.

Contact us to find out how we can help your medical facilty manage its HRRP risk, focusing on the core diagnoses that consume 80% of Medicare Readmission dollars.