Our Mission

Medicine is the application of highly specialized knowledge to a very specific set of problems.  Rural Health Resources will be launching a unique family of Rural Health focused, Patient Care-centric offerings in 2016.  We will be

  • Assisting rural hospitals in managing and reducing HRRP penalties,
  • Providing medical services to veterans who are either “30 days out” or 35 miles away from a VA appointment for their chronic condition,
  • Enabling Veteran’s volunteer support groups to provide better quality and continuity of care to their fellow vets,
  • Partnering  with State Offices of Rural Health to create cooperative Integrated Community Health Networks to better coordinate among multiple healthcare providers
  • “Up-leveling” city and county EMS organizations skill sets for the most problematic diagnostic groups experienced by our target patient segments, and
  • Working with Chambers of Commerce to ensure that their community does not become one of the “statistics” of Rural Hospital closures

Our team offers unique and disparate skill sets that leverage our many dozens of years of experience, allowing us to:

  • Create Best-of-Breed, highly cost effective Informatics tools that can extend Research University level skill sets to remote/rural RN’s and Emergency Medical professionals.
  • Proactively manage discharged patients that make up 80% of the HRRP diagnoses
  • Assist veterans in managing the most common chronic problems
  • Extend HIT connectivity solutions to virtually anywhere, enabling RealTime (or near real time) data updates from state of the art mHealth management tools.

By leveraging cutting edge technologies and being laser focused on a few key diagnostic groups we will be solving greater than 70 percent of our partner’s problems, and creating a new paradigm for delivering much needed healthcare services to Rural Patients