FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questions

We know that our site is not going to give you all the answers, so as we get input/questions from partners we will make sure to update them here, here are a few so far:

How does Rural Health Resources help actual PATIENTS?: 

Ummm… OK, that is a pretty good one.  The reality is that no single medical entity can likely afford to develop the tools that we have developed, and then administer health care services via those tools across a large rural service area footprint on their own for just their patients (they could possibly DO it, but they would lose money).  By working withquestions multiple hospital chains, EMS organizations, Chambers of Commerce and VSO’s (and the VA), we are able to proactively touch a large number of patients and either prevent re-admission, or simply help manage chronic conditions (and prevent them from elevating to acute instances).  

What are the exact tools that you are using?:  

Well we don’t think Colonel Sanders would have done all that well if he passed out the Famous Secret Recipe of 7 Herbs & Spices.  What he did do was to travel around the country and prove that his product was amazing, because people quite rightly wanted to be sure that it was as good as he claimed before they signed up.  We prefer to think of our Solutions as a ToolBox instead of Recipe, but it is the same idea.  We are pretty sure our backers would not be too pleased if we gave away the Recipe, however we do know we need to prove ourselves.  In a nutshell we:

  • Ensure that our patients have mHealth self management tools that “nudge” them towards better behavior and self management
  • Arm our caregivers with Tools that increase the expertise in specific areas – as well as give them immediate access to Experts in specific diagnoses
  • Provide pro-active/immediate feedback loops from patient and caregiver to hospital staff

faq-icon-235x300How do we engage with Rural Health Resources?:    

We have a few patient engagement models that we are pretty sure make sense for all parties, and in other cases we feel like we are going to have to be prepared to do a little mutual exploration.  We want to understand what your needs are, and see if we are a fit.  If we are not, we might know someone who IS…   If we think we can help, we will work towards a mutually beneficial relationship structure.