Critical Access Hospitals are:Rural Hosp blurb

  • Almost always rural,
  • Have 25 inpatient beds or fewer,
  • Maintain an annual length of stay of 96 hours or fewer
  • Offer 24/7/365 Emergency Care
  • At least a 35 minute drive away from another hospital
  • … and are some of the most “at risk” hospitals in our national healthcare system.
Across the U.S., 673 rural hospitals are vulnerable to closure, according to a report from iVantage Health Analytics, a firm that compiles a hospital strength index based on data about financial stability, patients and quality indicators.

  • The 673 rural hospitals vulnerable to shutting down are located across 42 states.
  • Sixty-eight percent of the hospitals vulnerable to closure are critical access hospitals
Congress and the Senate are aware of the problem – and have proposed bills intended to help… but neither have gotten past the introduction phase. Hospital Administrators would do well to consider ways to “help themselves” – contact RHR to find out how we believe we can help you with that.

Senate Bill 1648
Rural Emergency Acute Care Hospital Act

House Bill 3225
Save Rural Hospitals Act